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Techworld Communication Limited is a pioneer in IT industry. We are a leader in IT software development and deployment,Web Application Development and deployment,Mobile application Development and deployment, 3D games development and 3D Stimulation and Modeling. We deliver High Tech IT products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale.

Our company has strived to create products and services that are important and meaningful with the resources we have. Sometimes we venture into areas that might seem speculative, strange or even considered risky and crazy when compared to our current line of business, we are derived with revolutionary ideas and passion to make great products and deliver satisfactory services to our customers.

Techworld Communication Limited strives to challenge the norms and set new standard in the world of Information Technology in africa. we strive to remain relevant by creating new IT products and services for Industrial and commercial use.

Our Vision

We aim for a better-connected, shared, safer and more prosperous world.

Our Mission

Inspire the next generation of connected world by developing and delievering high tech product and services thereby connecting people, resources and idea. 

What we offer

Software Design

Whatever your line of Business,we are ready to build a software solution that will easy the mode of business operation and reduce operation cost,giving your business the much need flexibility to excel

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Web Application Design

Our Web application solutions are powerful and sustainable.poviding high level of connectivity and interaction with powerful UI system that rival native applications by adopting the best Technology.

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Mobile App Design

We Build Mobile applications suitable for platform,Whether for browsing, game-playing, checking social media, or conducting business, smart phone and tablet application use is pervasive & here to stay

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Our Products

TwL-Hallmark HMS


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